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Architecture and interiorism

Creators of warm and cozy spaces, integrated by contemporary furniture, of elegant and sophisticated lines.
More than 20 years ago with the folder brimming with illusion, Elia Serra and Ángel Escudero founded Isa de Luca. Little by little, with its innovative designs and with a way of working handmade, the confidence of the clients was gained. Its style is a colors miscellany dared, although always with exquisite taste and a contemporary, elegant and creative style.
We are supported on the day of the last tendencies and any external stimulus serves to us as inspiration. The trips, the exhibitions and any situation related to the art and the design can bring us big ideas. The whole creative process develops attending to the needs of every client offering a personalized and high quality service.
The meetings with the clients for to be able to define and analyze its needs as its style preferences guide us in the making of the projects thinking at all times about the best distribution, functionality, esthetics and comfort. To continue a good work methodology helps us to a good development along the whole project.
Our Showroom placed in Sarriá-Sant Gervasi, already is a reference to many lovers of the elegance and the innovation tied to the interior design and to the warmth of the spaces.